Education & Training

The Centre for Learning & Development (CLD) at Tallaght University Hospital takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide a variety of programmes and training to the Hospital community. These include staff development opportunities, teaching technologies, student preparation for university courses and expert advice on teaching and learning. We provide leadership in learning and development opportunities that support the priorities of Tallaght University Hospital and its overall human resource management strategies. In partnership with the Hospital’s academic partner, Trinity College Dublin, the Centre promotes employee and Organisational effectiveness.

The committed teaching team in the CLD has maintained a climate of caring, excellence and quality and has fostered a culture of lifelong learning among staff working within the Hospital and surrounding community. 

The team assists the Head of Learning & Development in planning and implementing continuing professional development programmes that reflect the philosophy, vision, mission and ethos unique to Tallaght University Hospital. These programmes are designed to be comprehensive, relevant and flexible and to respond to the most recent changes in national and international health care policy and legislation.  An inter-agency partnership approach to programme provision is ensured by collaboration with the Learning & Development Committee, which provides a forum for stakeholders to participate in promoting multidisciplinary learning and maximising resources by facilitating cross-divisional and inter-agency programmes

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